Fibra 24 FO ADSS

  • Bobina 4 km
  • Vano 80 mts
  • Diámetro Ext. 9,7 mm


  1. Colored fiber
  2. Fiber gel
  3. PBT loose tube                                                               Diameter:2.0±0.1mm
  4. FRP Central strength member                                        Diameter: 2.0±0.1mm
  5. Water blocking yarns
  6. Water blocking tape
  7. Aramid yarn
  8. outer sheath HDPE                                                        Cable diameter:9.7±0.2mm

Parameters of fiber 

Optical fiber type Unit SM G652D
Waveband nm 1310/1550
Attenuation dB/km 0.36/0.24

Product parameters

Span (m) 80
Storage and operating temperature -20℃-﹢70℃
Min. Bending Radius 30D(Dynamic) 15D(Static)

Appearance and packaging

1.  No damage on the surface; no trachoma.

2.  Wooden tray packaging; wood whole seal packaging

3.  Segment length: no less than 1000M. The segment length of each tray of the same batch shall be similar as much as possible. Other lengths can be agreed upon through consultation.

4.  Report certificate: It includes optical cable inspection number, optical cable type, core number, optical fiber type, length, etc

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