Drop 1 FO Portante Metalico

  • Bobina 1000 metros
  • Portante Metálico


  1. Optical Fiber
  2. FRP                                                   Diameter:0.5±0.1mm
  3. Steel wire                                        Diameter:1.0±0.1mm
  4. LSZH outer jacket                          Cable diameter:2.0*5.0±0.15mm

Parameters of fiber

Optical fiber type Unit SM G657A2
Waveband nm 1310/1550
Attenuation dB/km 0.35/0.21

Product parameters 

Performance Long-term Short-term
Max. Tension(N) 300 600
Max. Crushing Resistance(N/100mm) 300 1000

Min. Bending Radius

B1.3 60mm(Dynamic) B1.3 30mm(Static)
B6 40mm(Dynamic) B6 20mm(Static)
Storage and operating temperature -20℃-﹢60℃

Appearance and packaging

  1. No damage on the surface; no
  2. Wooden tray packaging; wood whole seal packaging
  3. Segment length: no less than The segment length of each tray of the same batch shall be similar as much as possible. Other lengths can be agreed upon through consultation.
  4. Report certificate: It includes optical cable inspection number, optical cable type, core number, optical fiber type, length, etc


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